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In our opinion the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this is why the right kitchen design is so important.

You want your kitchen to be practical yet stylish, and the materials you use – and maybe more importantly – how you use them, impacts the look and feel of your space.

Here are 4 current kitchen design trends we love right now.

Benchtops with thin edge profiles

Thin benchtops are most definitely having a design moment, and porcelain panels are perfect for achieving this super modern and clean aesthetic.

Our Bella Series Porcelain Panels are the perfect choice for those that want that sleek and scandi look; as they come in a 12mm thickness making it easy to showcase a thin edge.

Porcelain panels are still a relatively new material on the market for benchtops; but are quickly becoming a popular choice for interior designers and architects.

Not sure about porcelain benchtops? No problem!

Our natural stone can still be used to create that minimalistic look by switching up your edge profile.

We are huge fans of a ‘Shark nose’ edge profile, it’s the perfect way to help create an illusion that the material is thinner than what it actually is – see photo.

Matching benchtops and splashbacks

It hasn’t always been in vogue to match your benchtops and splashbacks, but we’re pleased to say it’s a current design trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and we can understand why!

Using the same material for both benchtops and splashback creates a simple, fuss-free aesthetic.

By nature, kitchens are busy spaces – appliances, cookware, cabinets and drawers – clever design choices like choosing just a few quality materials throughout your kitchen creates a clean and modern look.

Both porcelain panels and natural stone are great options when choosing matching benchtops and splashbacks

Natural stone island bench tops

The great thing about natural stone is that it can be both modern and timeless – you’ll never regret your investment in natural stone in your kitchen.

Islands have become a kitchen-staple, a multi-functional surface that’s an excellent space for prep-work and entertaining.

A large island bench top in natural stone can showcase the pure beauty in all its glory and is a great investment in your kitchen that’s on-trend and makes a statement.

Whether you are after marble, granite or quartzite we are confident you’ll find that statement natural stone piece you are after.

Galley kitchen with scullery

Whilst we are talking about island bench tops, we can’t not mention our favourite kitchen design layout.

What is a galley kitchen, you may ask? A kitchen with only an island bench and a backbench is a practical yet straightforward layout and working space.

You probably think this type of kitchen sounds too small, right?

And that’s where a large scullery comes into the design; whether set to one side or placed directly behind a scullery is the perfect way to create an additional bench and cabinet space.

The thing we love most about a hidden scullery is it’s a great place to prep whilst entertaining, keeping all your mess hidden from your guests.

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