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Perth’s exclusive supplier of Bella Series porcelain panels

We’re proud to supply Perth’s most exciting and exclusive porcelain panel collection. The Bella series reflects Lusso Groups role as much more than a porcelain panel supplier. We are committed to sourcing designed porcelain slabs of exceptional quality.

porcelain wall panels perth

Made in Italy from carefully selected natural materials, including feldspar, quartz and fine mineral clays, this modern material is expertly bonded under high pressure to produce lightweight, large-format panels in a remarkable range of colours, patterns
and finishes.

The perfect balance of form and function, we invite you to view our exclusive range of porcelain panels at our Malaga warehouse in Perth’s north.

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Why choose porcelain panels for your next project?

One of the market’s most sophisticated architectural materials, our Italian porcelain panels are a popular choice for discerning Perth developers, architects, and designers.

Versatile, durable, and beautiful, large format porcelain panels make the perfect design choice for floors, walls, benchtops and splashbacks.

With a wide variety of designs and a selection of finishes, you’re sure to find the perfect style for your next project with our Bella Series.


Fusing form and function, porcelain panels are strong, lightweight and easy to cut, making them perfect for a wide range of applications such as walls, floors, benchtops, splashbacks and decorative panels.


Enjoy design freedom; Bella Series porcelain panels can be cut to virtually any shape, including curved edges. Available in varying thicknesses, porcelain is ideal for a range of applications.


A superior material, porcelain panels are lightweight, extremely strong, and resistant to scratches and mould, an ideal choice for hardwearing surfaces like floors and practical surfaces like benchtops.


Perfect for any project, large-format porcelain panels are practical, minimising grout lines for a seamless surface that’s easy to clean and maintain—an great option for modern floors and wall cladding.

Superior aesthetics

A treasure trove of choice, with over 50 designs and finishes within the Bella Series, you can create the perfect look for your project with statement slabs, and modern and contemporary options inspired by natural stone colours and patterns.

Surface finishes

Create the right feel; Bella Series porcelain panels come in silk, matte, soft, structured and a polished finish to suit your project and preference.

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Bella Series

Ideal for floor and wall applications, our 6mm range is available in a vast selection of colours and textures.

Bella Series

Beautiful, durable and unique, our 12mm range is suited to benchtops in indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Transform your spaces with exquisite porcelain panels

Inspired by the colours and patterns of ancient natural stone with the benefits of modern engineering, our Italian porcelain panels meld beauty and style with functionality.

The lightweight, durable nature of porcelain makes it easy to cut, lift and install.

Unlike natural stone, porcelain panels aren’t porous, which means they are more resistant to water, staining, mould and scratches. As a result, porcelain benchtops and splashbacks are popular among modern developers and architects.

Large-format porcelain creates a seamless surface, minimising grout lines for beautiful flooring and feature walls.

porcelain applications

porcelain panels splashback and benchtop perth


Porcelain benchtops are a versatile and practical design choice, with a stunning array of colours and finishes perfect for any style kitchen.


Porcelain splashbacks offer a seamless, hardwearing, and easy-to-clean surface that’s both beautiful and functional.

Feature Walls

Design-led porcelain wall panels add interest, warmth and depth, a great investment indoors and outdoors.


Large format porcelain panels are ideal for floors thanks to their durable and easy-to-maintain nature.

Perth’s exclusive supplier of Bella Series porcelain panels

Lusso Group is the leading porcelain panels supplier in Perth and is committed to sourcing the highest quality porcelain slabs in a spectacular range of colours, patterns, and finishes in keeping with modern design trends.

The Bella Series, our collection of premium porcelain panels, are imported from our exclusive supplier Italy where they are made from 100% natural minerals with state-of-the-art engineering.

Porcelain panels are a modern material that matches our natural stone series in beauty and offers versatility and choice to homeowners and designers.

We invite you to browse our Malaga warehouse and find the perfect porcelain panel for your next project.

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We understand that finding the right material matters; if you have a vision for your next project, we’d love to help you find the right piece of porcelain.