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Perth’s leading supplier of exquisite onyx slabs

Lusso Group is a highly respected natural stone and porcelain supplier in Perth, sourcing and delivering a spectacular selection of onyx slabs for our discerning design community. 

green onyx countertop perth

Our carefully curated Natural Series is a vast collection of stone slabs of exquisite quality. A scarce and highly valued natural stone owing to its beauty, translucent nature and colourful veining, onyx is a hugely sought-after stone by Perth designers. 

Due to the rare and exclusive qualities of onyx, supply may be very limited. Please get in touch with our friendly team for more information on onyx availability.

The benefits of onyx

Onyx creates the perfect eye-catching accent feature, often used for high-impact designs such as onyx stone benchtops, splashbacks, feature walls and designer staircases. The interior design community celebrates onyx as a masterpiece of standout natural beauty and a rare, high-value investment to add to any project.

With the same mineral content as marble, onyx brings colourful veining, a translucent quality, and dreamy swirls and bands for a unique, art-like stone.

Unique and luxurious in a wide range of shades, onyx is versatile and available with a highly polished or honed finish. 


Exclusive and highly sought after, onyx is an eye-catching, statement-making addition to your project.


Onyx’s translucent, luminous quality adds a soft, sumptuous, and luxurious quality to any space.


Extreme beauty and rarity make onyx a precious natural stone that adds significant value to your project.  


Exclusive and highly variable, onyx is available in many colours and patterns with colourful veining, striping and swirls.


Onyx is considered a stone that offers protection and strength with an ethereal quality.

green onyx countertop perth

Popular Onyx Colours

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Natural Series
Brown Onyx

Brown onyx adds warmth with earthy tones and drama with bold patterns, stripes, veins and waves. Each onyx slab delivers a variety of tints, from light honey, gold, deep brown, and rusty red, contrasting beautifully with bands and swirls of pearlescent white and even hints of green and pink for a highly unique design feature.

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Create an onyx bathroom oasis

Create a space of pure indulgence with an onyx bathroom. Onyx slabs work beautifully as bathroom feature accents, such as stunning onyx benchtops for your vanity area or large-scale features like onyx showers and feature walls. Long-lasting, natural and unique, onyx slabs are an environmentally friendly and valuable addition to your bathroom design. With minimal grout lines and a glass-like quality, onyx delivers the perfect oasis with a clean, sleek, out-of-the-ordinary finish.

Glowing onyx countertops

Create a truly unique and beautiful kitchen experience with onyx countertops as your central design feature. A popular choice with designers and architects, onyx benchtops exude luxury and exclusivity. Available in a vast and exciting range of colours and patterns, onyx slabs can make a style statement or add a subtle hint of opulence to your design scheme. Lightweight and long-lasting, the translucent qualities of onyx allow you to highlight your stone’s true beauty and rarity by adding backlighting, creating a stunning feature of the stone.

Explore our beautiful onyx slabs collection

Experts in sourcing one-of-a-kind statement pieces of natural stone, we supply onyx slabs in Perth of exceptional quality and beauty from carefully chosen quarries throughout Europe. 

With a warehouse full of beautiful natural stone slabs including marble, travertine and quartzite in various colours and patterns, explore the design possibilities onyx offers and browse our Malaga warehouse to find something truly unique for your next project. 

Are you looking for something specific?

Our friendly team of experts are available to discuss your stone and quantity requirements and put you in touch with one of our trusted fabricators to perfectly cut and fit your onyx.