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About natural stone

Natural Series stone slabs

Experts in sourcing one-of-a-kind statement pieces of natural stone, we invite you to view our Natural Series and elevate your design. As notable natural stone suppliers in Perth, we thoughtfully select our natural stone slabs based on colour, pattern, clarity, texture, quality and movement to find interesting and unique stone that meets the expectation and imagination of Australian designers and architects.

With a warehouse of carefully curated stone slabs in various sizes, explore the possibilities natural stone has to offer.

Make a statement with natural stone

Formed slowly over centuries, we appreciate natural stone’s rare beauty, distinctive features and durability and have taken the time to find and engage with only the finest quarries in Europe.

Created by nature, each stone slab is a work of art ready to shine in the right setting. So, whether you’re looking to make a design statement or enjoy timeless luxury, you’ll appreciate the unmatched beauty that natural stone delivers every day.

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Natural Series

Statement-making with a natural translucent quality, onyx makes for an impressive design feature.

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Natural Series

Warm and luxurious, travertine offers opulence and interest to your design.

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The versatility of natural stone slabs

Natural stone meets the design needs of modern architecture and traditional design aesthetics while being highly versatile, adding timeless luxury and a quality finish in countless applications.

The durable nature of natural stone slabs makes them perfect for flooring and exterior walls. Quarried from the Earth, the colours and textures of natural stone suit the setting perfectly and will last the test of time.

Combining durability with beautiful colours and unique patterns makes stone a natural style choice for benchtops, natural stone splashbacks, fireplaces, vanity tops and feature walls.

Natural Stone Applications


Natural stone benchtops offer a truly bespoke finish to your design delivering exceptional beauty and quality.


Natural stone splashbacks are a practical and luxurious design feature for your kitchen.

Vanity tops

Create interest, add luxury to your bathroom, and feature a unique piece of natural stone.

Outdoor kitchens

Experience natural stone outdoors and invest in durable, luxurious stone alfresco kitchens.

Perth’s leading supplier of unique natural stone slabs

Lusso Group is a leading natural stone supplier in Perth, with a premium range of unique natural stone slabs and porcelain panels exclusive to the Lusso brand.

Committed to supplying stone of exquisite quality and beauty, we thoughtfully select our natural stone slabs from carefully chosen quarries.

Taking our time to source our slabs means we’re confident that we’re not only delivering exceptional quality but also one-of-a-kind slabs that meet the needs and expectations of Perth’s intrepid design community.

We invite you to browse our Malaga warehouse and find something special for your next project.

Are you looking for something special?

We understand that finding the right material matters; if you have a vision for your next project, we’d love to help you find the right piece of stone.