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Perth’s leading supplier of honed quartzite slabs

Established by skilled stonemasons, Lusso Group has become a leading quartzite supplier in Perth, sourcing and delivering a wide range of quartzite slabs from the very best European quarries. 

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Our Natural Series is a treasure trove of natural stone slabs from around the world, with quartzite, a popular and exciting addition to the range. Sophisticated and practical, quartzite is synonymous with luxury and longevity, making it perfect for a range of applications.

A firm favourite with Perth’s designers and architects, thanks to the wide selection of colours, hues, patterns, and finishes from honed to polished, you’re sure to find a quartzite slab to suit your personal style.

The benefits of quartzite

Quartzite oozes luxury and style while also being hardwearing. Being durable, easy to clean, and heat resistant means quartzite is a highly versatile stone for a range of applications, including quartzite benchtops, splashbacks and walls.

The selection of hues and patterns available is exemplary, with quartzite slabs varying in translucency, and patterns, with some possessing an iridescent quality. By choosing quartzite for your next project, you’ll experience a unique piece of natural stone that elevates your space while adding value to your home. 


Choose honed, satin/leather or polished quartzite in a wide range of colours and patterns to add unparalleled style to any project.


Quartzite is hardwearing and synonymous with luxury, the perfect combination for many uses, from flooring to furniture.


Less porous than most natural stones, quartzite is considered more hygienic and easier to clean.


Luxurious, sophisticated, and durable, adding a quartzite accent to your home is a beautiful and long-lasting investment.


The natural conditions quartzite undergo creates a vast and stunning selection of unique colours and patterns.

Popular Quartzite Colours

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Natural Series
White Quartzite

Bright, modern, cool and fresh, white quartzite adds timeless beauty to every space. White quartzite ranges in colour and hue from white to light grey and can also have bold veining or subtle patterns and swirls that add elegance and interest to your project. Perfect for modern kitchens and bathrooms looking for a long-lasting investment.

Natural Series
Black Quartzite

Black quartzite adds a level of sophistication and drama to any project with rich colour and beautiful veining and mottling that adds the perfect contrast. Black quartzite is a statement piece of stone that epitomises luxury in any setting, ideal for contemporary kitchens, bathrooms and feature walls.

Natural Series
Brown Quartzite

Brown quartzite adds warmth, pattern and texture that fits in perfectly with an earthy, neutral design scheme. So, if you’re looking for a softer statement piece that will always be in style, brown quartzite is the answer. Warm up your bathroom, fireplace, or kitchen benchtops with a mix of brown and sandy tones that make your fixtures and fittings shine.

Natural Series
Green Quartzite

Dreamy, remarkable, exquisite and chic, green quartzite dazzles and enchants with its vast array of patterns, undertones and pearlescent effects. Green quartzite is increasing in demand among designers and architects as it is featured heavily as the central design feature in luxury kitchens and bathrooms.

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Modern quartzite benchtops that stand the test of time

Quartzite stone benchtops are an on-trend, popular choice among designers and architects in Perth, with good reason. The tightly packed particles make the stone extremely strong, less porous and more hygienic, resistant to heat and staining, and easy to clean, ideal for high-traffic surfaces such as kitchen benchtops and splashbacks. With no compromise on performance, you’ll also find a large selection of patterns, hues and finish options for your quartzite kitchen benchtop to suit your personal style and kitchen design scheme.

quartzite kitchen splashback perth

Create unique features with quartzite natural stone

As a striking and versatile natural stone, quartzite slabs are increasingly sought after for unique design features for residential and commercial projects. Adaptable, stylish and contemporary, adding quartzite stone splashbacks, feature walls, vanity tops and fireplaces serves functionally and increases your home’s value and appeal.

Quartzite stone is also highly weatherproof and a great design addition to any outdoor space. Quartzite slab cost tends to be more affordable than marble. However, the cost of natural stone is influenced by the stone’s rarity, quality and the market.

Explore our honed quartzite slab collection

Specialists in selecting natural stone of exceptional quality, we proudly offer the most beautiful selections of quartzite slabs as a leading natural stone and porcelain supplier in Perth. 

Expertly chosen from quarries throughout Europe, we consider the wants and needs of the local design community and deliver variety and a range of finishes, from honed quartzite to polished panels. 

We invite you to our Malaga warehouse to explore our beautiful range of quartzite and other natural stone slabs. Our extensive collection includes natural stone such as marble, limestone, travertine, onyx and granite, as well as porcelain panels.

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