Marble Design & Colour Trends In 2023

If 2022 was the year for neutral interior trends, then 2023 is the year for bold patterns and deep, rich colours. To meet the needs of the discerning Perth design community, Lusso Group has sourced some of the most exclusive, exciting and on-trend marble colours in 2023 from Italy, Turkey and Spain.

Our top 3 Marble Colour Trend Picks

Red and pink-toned marble

Adding warmth and colour will be a popular marble and interior design trend in 2023, with red and pink-toned marble slabs an opulent and simply beautiful way to incorporate this trend into your design.

All natural stone slabs have a long history – time and environmental elements shape their colour, pattern and texture, making each unique and special in any space. For example, when lava from volcanic eruptions filters through layers of limestone, the calcium carbonate liquifies and recrystallises into marble. Likewise, iron oxidation is responsible for the beautiful range of pink and red tones we see in some of the popular marble colours of the moment.

The red and pink-tone marble trend is an absolutely gorgeous and luxurious addition to your space. Its unique and natural pattern is perfect for creating a striking focal point in any room, and can easily be incorporated into any interior design scheme.

Three of the newest marble slab colours to arrive at our Malaga warehouse are Silver Fantasy, Rosso Levanto and Rosso Orobico. All are on-trend exquisite marble slabs featuring rich, rusty red and deep burgundy tones, adding a touch of drama and energy to your home.

Silver Fantasy marble

Silver Fantasy features a pearly oyster base punctuated with striking deep red-brown veining throughout each slab, offering a distinctive design feature and a sense of luxury and richness. This beautiful and unique slab would work perfectly as a modern, exciting marble benchtop or kitchen island.

Rosso Orobico marble

Rosso Orobico is hugely popular with European architects and designers, and we can understand why. This stunning marble slab is a kaleidoscope of soft, beautiful blush tones with silver and sapphire strokes painted throughout. A subtle touch of red marbling adds a natural, earthy element, and the unique, spontaneous, wave-like strips of colour add interest and beauty. This beautiful marble slab would create a luxurious bathroom vanity.

Rosso levanto marble

Rosso Levanto marble is a unique, stunningly dark and richly textured stone with varying shades of red and brown. The distinct veining and high polish make it an excellent choice for elegant interior design projects. This marble has been used for fireplace surrounds, wall accents, and countertops. Its bold presence creates an instant statement in any space.

Are you looking for marble for your next project?

We understand that finding the right material matters; if you have a vision for your next project, we’d love to help you find the right piece of stone. Contact us today to chat about your natural stone or porcelain panel needs, or visit our Malaga warehouse to view the collection yourself.

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