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Perth’s leading supplier of polished granite slabs

Lusso Group is a leading granite supplier in Perth, sourcing and delivering an outstanding range of hand-selected granite slabs from the most respected European quarries.

Our Natural Series is a prized collection of stone slabs in a wide range of stone types and an unparalleled selection of colours, patterns and textures. Granite’s distinctive characteristics and aesthetics make it a popular interior choice for many applications. 

Strong, practical and beautiful, granite is a high-performance luxury stone that lasts the test of time, perfect for hardworking surfaces such as benchtops and floors. Granite is an excellent addition to your project that adds beauty and value in equal measure.

The benefits of granite

Granite is synonymous with timeless luxury and quality. Hardwearing, heat resistant and easy to clean and maintain means granite benchtops have long been a kitchen-design staple. Granite slabs are unmatched when it comes to choice in Perth, with a wide selection of colours and patterns ranging from solid, speckled, and veined. By choosing granite for your next project, you’ll experience a one-of-a-kind natural stone that works perfectly in your space and lasts a lifetime, an excellent investment for any project.


Granite is a solid stone with superior durability and heat, scratch, stain and weather-resistant properties.

Low maintenance

Less porous than most natural stones, granite is considered hygienic and easy to clean and maintain.


With a high mineral content, granite has lots of variation in colour and pattern for striking, one-of-a-kind beauty.


Eye-catching, luxe, and long-lasting, adding a granite surface to your home is an attractive and value-added investment.


Granite is formed by the elements of the earth over thousands of years creating a truly unique material.

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Popular Granite Colours

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Natural Series
White Granite

Glittering, modern and chic, white granite adds natural beauty to every space. All white granite slabs are a unique mix of minerals and range in colour, hue, pattern and texture from bold white contrast with grey veining or specks of colour. Bold patterns like White Orion or subtle grey hues like Colonial White are perfect for modern kitchens and bathrooms looking for a long-lasting investment.

Natural Series
Grey Granite

Cool, steely and sophisticated, grey granite is trendy, urban and modern. Available in an array of patterns and hues, flecked with light and dark mineral colour variation and even some translucent qualities. Grey granite is hugely popular, with the light and cool Atlantic Stone and bold and dramatic Azul Aran, the central feature of many professionally designed luxury kitchens and bathrooms.

Natural Series
Black Granite

Black granite epitomises style and luxury and makes a grand statement to any project with deep colour and stunning patterns that add detail, interest and drama. Black granite benchtops are stylish and timeless, choose bold colours like Galaxy Black or the intricate detail of Cosmic Black and instantly elevate your space.

Titanium granite benchtop perth

Durable granite slabs for your kitchen benchtops

Granite benchtops have been a long-standing popular kitchen interior choice among designers and architects in Perth and around the world. Incredibly strong, non-porous and hygienic, resistant to staining and heat, and easy to clean and care for, granite is perfect for heavy-use surfaces such as kitchen benchtops.

Granite slabs lend themselves to contemporary and classical design styles with various finish options from glossy to matte and edge cuts for a custom design. With no two cuts of granite being the same, you can add value and unmatched beauty to your project.

Explore our granite slabs collection

Experts in choosing natural stone of superior quality, we proudly deliver the most stunning collection of granite slabs as a leading granite supplier in Perth.

Selected from prestigious European quarries, we hand-pick natural stone slabs based on trends and the needs of the local design community, and pride ourselves on delivering an exquisite variety of colours and patterns. 

We invite you to our Malaga warehouse to explore our Natural Series, which includes our gorgeous selection of granite slabs. Our friendly team is available to discuss your requirements and put you in touch with one of our trusted fabricators.

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