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Perth’s leading supplier of honed limestone slabs

Lusso Group is the leading limestone supplier in Perth, delivering exceptional quality and an expansive array of earthy colours and textures that make limestone so popular and versatile. Founded by stonemasons, we’ve honed our sourcing and selection process to ensure only the best-grade natural stone slabs reach our warehouse as part of our Natural Series collection.

Limestone’s natural beauty works perfectly in indoor and outdoor settings and is a popular choice in bathrooms, kitchens, and feature walls. The stone lends itself to various finishes to suit your project, including a polished, honed, or textured finish.

Residential and commercial clients are welcome to visit our warehouse to view our impressive Natural Series natural stone slabs, including limestone slabs, on display at our premises in Malaga.

The benefits of limestone

Limestone truly delivers when it comes to interior and exterior home design—timeless, durable and versatile. In addition, limestone offers an understated, liveable but luxurious feel to your home and can be processed and finished in a way that will suit your style.

Builders and designers have used limestone slabs throughout history. The variety of colours and shades available from limestone suppliers means the possibilities are endless for adding value and a unique design feature to your home.


Visually striking and tactile, limestone is forever fashionable and can be cut and finished to suit any style.


Limestone can be used almost everywhere and is famous for floors, fireplaces, benchtops, staircases and bathrooms.


A luxurious stone that stands the test of time, limestone is hardwearing and perfect for high-traffic areas like floors.


Unique and visually appealing, limestone adds beauty and increases the value of your home.


Adaptable to all interior styles, limestone adds an unmatched level of sophistication to design schemes.

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Popular Limestone Colours

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Natural Series
Grey Limestone

The popularity of natural, earthy colour schemes has seen an increased use of grey limestone in the interior design space. From light to mid-grey tones, grey limestones display a beautiful range of unique mottling, veining and delicate patterns that elevate the natural texture and interest natural limestone offers.

limestone benchtop perth

Enhance your bathroom with earthy limestone

A limestone bathroom is a beautiful, valuable addition to any home. Natural limestone slabs can be cut and customised, including a polished or honed limestone finish. Limestone benchtops, walls and floors offer earthy tones to create a relaxing setting and pair nicely with a wide range of bathroom fittings to create a modern or traditional aesthetic to suit your taste. Durable and cooling, limestone functions wonderfully in warm bathrooms and can be used as the main feature or to deliver an understated, relaxed style.

Dark Silver limestone bathroom perth

Statement-making limestone feature walls

The presence of limestone walls can be seen throughout history around the world, with limestone feature walls and cladding becoming increasingly popular with modern designers and architects.

A sought-after building material of choice owing to its durable nature and natural beauty, limestone slabs are available in a wide range of colours from grey, brown and white limestone to complement a range of architectural styles and add a level of sophistication to any space.

Strong and attractive, limestone walls last a lifetime, require minimal maintenance, and add value to your home.

Explore our limestone slab collection

Experts in sourcing high-quality natural stone, we proudly deliver one of the most exquisite ranges of limestone as a leading stone supplier in Perth. Carefully chosen from quarries throughout Europe, we offer a variety of finishes, from honed limestone to polished slabs. 

We invite you to our Malaga warehouse to explore our beautiful range of limestone and other natural stone slabs. Our extensive collection includes natural stone such as marble, quartzite, travertine, onyx and granite, as well as porcelain panels. Our team of experts are available to discuss your project requirements and put you in touch with one of our trusted fabricators.

Are you looking for something specific?

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