Discover our newest marble arrivals

Marble has long been revered for its natural beauty and timeless appeal, making it a
preferred choice for luxury interiors and architectural marvels alike. At Lusso Group,
we are proud to introduce our latest additions to the marble family: Breccia
Aubisque, Dolce Vita, Grigio Orobico, and Namibian Rose. Each of these exquisite
marble slabs embodies unique characteristics that elevate any space they adorn.

The timeless allure of marble
Marble’s allure lies in its distinctive veining and varied patterns, making each slab a
one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Whether you prefer the soft, understated tones of
Carrara marble or the bold, dramatic veins of Calacatta marble, marble benchtops
promise enduring elegance that transcends passing trends. Investing in marble is not
just a choice for today but a commitment to lasting sophistication and beauty.

Sustainability in marble design
In an age where sustainability is paramount, marble emerges as a natural and eco-
conscious choice. Unlike synthetic materials, marble requires minimal processing,
thereby reducing its environmental footprint. Its durability ensures longevity, meaning
marble installations are less likely to contribute to landfill waste over time. Choosing
marble is a decision that aligns aesthetics with environmental responsibility.
Introducing our new marble varieties

Breccia Aubisque: This Italian marble features a classic white and grey base with
shimmering silver and gold highlights. Its captivating hues make it an ideal choice for
creating striking focal points in kitchens, bathrooms, and beyond.

Dolce Vita: With its deep cream background and delicate veins transitioning from
golden to ivory with hints of dark hazelnut, Dolce Vita exudes elegance. Perfect for
enhancing both indoor and outdoor spaces with refined luxury.

Grigio Orobico: Characterized by a dynamic blend of light to dark grey, white, and
beige tones, Grigio Orobico’s vibrant movements add personality and depth to any

Namibian Rose: Known for its gentle white base adorned with flowing pink veins,
Namibian Rose exudes a serene and sophisticated charm, ideal for creating a
soothing atmosphere in any setting.

Visit our Malaga warehouse
Come explore these exquisite marble slabs and more at our Malaga warehouse. Our
dedicated team is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect natural stone or
porcelain panels to elevate your project. Whether you’re renovating your home or
designing a commercial space, Lusso Group offers a wide range of options to suit
your style and preferences.

Warehouse opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Transform your space with the enduring beauty and sophistication of marble from
Lusso Group. Visit us today and experience the luxury of natural stone firsthand!
Visit Us in Malaga : 1 Finance Place Malaga

Visit us in Claremont: (By appointment only) unit 4 / 355 Stirling Hwy

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