New Lusso Group brand

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Our new brand and our new look?

Well let me take you on a tour…

After 2 years in our very niche industry, it was clear that our brand didn’t compliment our growth and the mission behind our existence. We wanted to be represented for what we are and a brand that would compliment our values.

Started with...


After careful selection of our logo, it was time to work on our brand identity where we selected our colours, typography, style and the feel of our brand. This would point us in the direction of all other marketing content including the website.


As we planned on creating a brand symbol that was strong and recognisable, we decided to follow that concept to represent our products as well, relating our products to our Lusso Group brand


The new lusso website

The website was completed with a few major focus points; The vibe, the feel, the functionality and user experience.

We believe we have achieved our goals and established our focus points.

From there on we did a complete update on Lusso Group from brochures and business cards to promotional material

At LUSSO, we take great pride in being the exclusive distributors of Bella Series Porcelain Panels, Natural Stone and Stone Ambassador – Engineered Stone. As a Western Australian owned and operated company and one of the largest stone suppliers in Perth, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest in quality whether it’s the stone we provide or the service we offer.

Lusso acquires some of the world’s best and most exotic stone and exclusive variety of designs to add a touch of elegance to any kitchen, bathroom or alfresco. These classic materials will never go out of style and at LUSSO you will find
the sleek and stylish aesthetic to any project.