Natural Stone versus Engineered Stone: what’s the difference?

Can’t decide between Natural or Engineered Stone? Discover the difference and how to choose the right stone for your home 

Incorporating stone into your home can be a timeless design choice or an on-trend decision, depending on the stone you choose, and with such variety, it can be hard to know where to start.

Where you plan to use stone in your home, for example, benchtops or maybe in your bathroom, and your design preferences play a huge part in the decision.

Understanding the difference between Natural Stone and Engineered Stone is a great way to narrow down your options and get moving on your project.

We supply both Natural Stone and Engineered Stone for residential and commercial projects in Perth, but what is the difference between Natural and Engineered Stone?

What is natural stone?

Natural Stone is a stone that is quarried from the Earth.

The stone itself has yielded to thousands of years of different environmental conditions and pressures; this means that each piece of Natural Stone is entirely unique and retains a raw beauty that is difficult to manufacture.

Different locations around the world produce different types of stone in an array of natural tones and colours.

There’s no denying that the uniqueness of each slab makes Natural Stone a magical choice for your home.


We supply six types of Natural Stone in our Natural Series range.


Quartzite is made up almost entirely of quartz and has been exposed to high pressure and temperatures within the Earth. Quartzite can offer unique colours and veining in a similar way to marble and is hard like granite, making it a popular choice for kitchen benchtops.


Travertine is a mono-mineral rock and is part of the limestone family. Travertine is compact, and the colours of this Natural Stone can vary from white, tan, toffee, cream coloured and rust.


Onyx is a type of marble that forms near spring water and contains calcium carbonate from fine calcium precipitation. Translucent in colour, with unique hues and patterns, polished Onyx is a real showstopper.


Limestone is a durable Natural Stone formed by pressurised sediment under the ocean. Versatile and cost-effective, natural impurities create various shades of grey, ivory and brown.


Marble is a timeless, elegant stone made up almost entirely of calcite and/or dolostone. A metamorphic carbonate rock, marble is known for its distinctive veining patterns and variety of shades.


Granite is formed from magma deep within the Earth’s crust, making it highly durable and resistant to heat, chips and scratches. Its availability in a range of colours makes granite a popular choice.

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The benefits of choosing Natural Stone

There is no denying the beauty, presence and luxury feel of Natural Stone in your home.

Natural Stone helps cement design choices, and being natural, you know the stone you bring into your home is unique.

Formed over thousands of years under intense environmental pressures, Natural Stone is a durable, long-lasting choice for your home.

What is Engineered Stone?

As you might expect, Engineered Stone is manmade.

Engineered Stone panels are composed of 93% natural quartz, resins used as a binding agent and pigments.

Patterns such as veined surfaces are manufactured using advanced technology to create the most natural-looking textures available.

Types of Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is available in various patterns, finishes and colours and can be customised to integrate into your design scheme.

The benefits of choosing Engineered Stone

As Engineered Stone is manufactured, it comes with a warranty and the option to choose from three different finishes, polished, matt and textured.

The colours are consistent, and because the stone is manmade, it’s not porous, meaning you don’t need to seal the surface.

How to choose between Natural and Engineered stone

Making the decision between Natural Stone or Engineered Stone usually comes down to personal preference, how you will be using the stone, and quite often your budget.


Founded by stonemasons, the Lusso Team has a wealth of knowledge regarding Natural and Engineered Stone, and we’d love to help you make the right choice for your home.


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